Chinatime in Schleswig Holstein and Hamburg- what a success!
The two projects that I brought to SHMF this summer turned out to be a big success.
The Project with NDR Bigband and the Chinese Erhu star Ma XiaoHui was a great challence to all involved but thanks to the amazing arrangement skills of JörgAchim Keller, it became an instant success with two sold-out concerts, The project has shown its potential and what it can become in the future. NDR Bigband played the music on the highest level and Ma XiaoHui performance was sent from the gods.
This will continue in China next year, as sure as my name is Nils Landgren!

And the project with students from Shanghai and Hamburg, ” East meets West Bigband”
What a treat to being able to host the top students from the Conservatory of Shanghai in Hamburg and to make music together.
After only four days of rehearsal, the East-West Bigband played together like they’d never done anything else.
Amazing musicians, thanks to the headmaster of the Jazz Department, Mr Zhang Xialu.
He has managed to build up a great Jazz school in only five years in a country where there was no jazz to be heard!
Anyway, the mixed band from Hamburg and Shanghai played two great concerts which were also sold out!!

Thank you Shanghai Conservatory, thank you Zhang Xiaolu. Thank you Hamburg Conservatory of Music and thank you Wolf Kerschek and Michael Langkamp.
But most of all, thanks to you all musicians for your great musicianship and to our wonderful audience for supporting live Music!!