WIth the generous help of friendly donors, this project will be able to continue:
Jan Friedman, Stockholm
Kajsa Giesecke, Stockholm
Wieland & Andrea Kunert in Wittenberg, Germany
Paul Davey, Switzerland
Victoria Davey, Switzerland

Wings of Life

The Wings of Life Children’s Centre has been established in 2004 as a childhood development centre in the slum of Kibera on the Wings of Life Gospel Center foundation early 2000.

The Wings of Life centre has for ambition to support and help destitute children of the slum and other street children in Nairobi victims of poverty, family breakdown, abuse and neglecting who live in a precarious situation of suffering, hunger, lack of education, of love, etc. The children the centre helps are from a range of 4 to 8 years old often from single parents/guardian, abandoned or orphans.

The Wings of life team, composed of 3 volunteering teachers and one subordinate staff, are providing counselling, education and food to around 200 children.

Nils Landgren launched in December 2009 an initiative to assist this programme managed by Pastor Jane Macharia by supporting financially, together with close friends, the feeding programme of the Centre in order to ensure that’s these kids have access to food daily.

kartsen jahnk

The kartsen Jahnke Konzertdirektion in germany supporting Nils Landgren initiative towards Wings of Life in Kibera.

Two bands at “jazz under stjärnorna”in Brantevik (Sweden): “Pipps blue five” & “Hammondbolaget” donated their well deserved money for their contributions to Wings of Life.
Thank you! Nils Langren.

Wings of Life


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EMAIL: jaendwings@yahoo.com
CONTACT: +254 723941883 / + 254 726448898