O/Modernt’s creative adventure is now ten years old, and we will celebrate this milestone with our first ever festival live-streamed worldwide!

Making this year’s festival a microcosm of everything O/Modernt stands for, we decided to reframe our own ten-year history by putting together a series of festival concerts that reinvent some elements from our most notable past programmes, placing them in new juxtapositions and uncoiling new thematic threads – all complemented by a number of world and Swedish premieres.

As always, O/Modernt looks backwards to find the inspiration that will allow us, individually and collectively, to look ahead to a future that is reinvented with creative energy, confidence and a sense of freedom.

All concerts available on takt1.com

The full Festival programme can be found at https://omodernt.com/festival.

Milestone 21 – Tuesday 15th June – 19h00

NILS LANDGREN trombone | vocals
HUGO TICCIATI violin | conductor
GWILYM SIMCOCK piano | arranger
ROBERT IKIZ percussion

The year 2021 marks thirty years since the death of Miles Davis, fifty since that of Igor Stravinsky, and five hundred since the passing of Josquin des Prez. This trio of composers, all celebrated for their transformative energy, come together in a concert that forges musical connections across time, space and genre. From his early work with Charlie Parker, via his 1950s quintets, to his experiments with jazz-rock and fusion, Miles Davis repeatedly reinvented his music by returning to its roots. Stravinsky looked back in a different way, seeking to renew the art music of the nineteenth century by rediscovering the primitivist syncopations heard in his explosive Rite of Spring. While Josquin also eschewed musical conformity, famously making himself ‘the master of the notes, which must do as he wills’. Davis, Stravinsky and Josquin didn’t just change the way we hear the music of their time: they changed the way we hear music itself.