On 5 November, the new ABBA album “Voyage” will be released after 40 years. Just in time for the music comeback of the year and as a tribute to the Swedish supergroup, a classic is now being released on vinyl for the first time: “Funky ABBA” by the Nils Landgren Funk Unit from 2004.
Fans and music magazines count the cover numbers by Mr. Redhorn and his cult band among the best in the world, and even today they are played on the radio and in clubs by DJs. Landgren, who once played trombone himself on the ABBA hit “Voulez-Vous”, personally asked ABBA mastermind Benny Andersson for his blessing for the album: “ABBA was never funky. But if you can do it, then do it!” replied Andersson.
Andersson was so enthusiastic about the project that he was also present at the legendary Polar Studio during the recording sessions and did not miss the opportunity to record a bonus track for the album himself as a duo with Viktoria Tolstoy. The result was celebrated and “Funky ABBA” became the best-selling Funk Unit album of all time. “It’s hard to believe: ABBA grooves, and how!” STEREO reviewed after the CD’s release. For the limited vinyl edition, the album has been remastered and sounds modern and timeless.