The drummer of the Nils Landgren Funk Unit – Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz – will launch is new Album during spring 2015, You can pledge on signed items, exclusive experiences and lots more to be part of it.

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“Hallshuk” ( is a song and video Ikiz made to present his album project he plan to release during spring 2015. It is is named after a beautiful place on the island of Gotland, just off the east coast of Sweden. Most of the images from the video were also recorded there to give you a better sense of why Ikiz find this place so inspiring.
As a musician, Ikiz has spent a lot of time travelling and performing around the world with other Swedish musicians, like Nils Landgren, Lars Danielsson, Magnus Lindgren and Jacob Karlzon as much as various international artists. One phrase that we hear again and again from music lovers we meet is that “beautiful Scandinavian sound” of the music we play.
He feels that the time has come for his own career to make a personal album that draws on the inspiration he has received via my adventures with these great Swedish musicians. In addition, Ikiz knows that his Turkish origins and upbringing in Sweden have provided him with different-yet-complementary musical backgrounds. He is sure these two worlds will blend perfectly into each other on the album. The album will include 10 songs with five originals and five traditional Swedish melodies. All songs will be produced together with Robin Bennich and hi goal is to record the drums in my favorite studio, which is located in Ireland.
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