Oasis Of Hope is a non-partisan, non-profit and voluntary project. It is registered under the Ministry of East Africa Community, Labour And Social Protection department in Nairobi-Kenya on 25th May 2017 with the registration No KBR/SHG/25/5/2017(112) . The project is based in the center of Kibera slum in Kibera constituency, it is located in Sarang’ombe ward, Gatwekera village. It was formed to address challenges facing youths in Kibera slum like unemployment, insecurity, poverty, social issues like crime, drug and substance abuse among others.

Since covid 19 was a global problem we also adapted our focus and started community awareness creation and sanitisation on ways to combat the spread of this virus through hand washing, social distancing, provision of food staff , soap for hand washing to the vulnerable families and community members so that they can stay at home.

Through donations and support some years back we acquired incubator machine for poultry which has enable to produced chicken, which about 20 chicken were sold and used some of the amount of money to give back to the community through distributing food. Money is used to support vulnerable families and community members to acquire basic needs like maize flour, cooking oil, bar soap, salt, Sanitary Towels (Pads), sugar and wheat flour at this difficult time since most jobs and company have been closed as directed by the Kenyan government as way a combat the spread of corona virus.

The coming together of Oasis of Hope through Nils Landgren support with other community members and different groups was a significant milestone as we were able to reach bigger population through food distribution, hand Washing and awareness creation and community sanitisation on preventive measures on covid 19.