The Nils-Siama Organisation Kibera was formed in the year 2019 and was registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection on the 11th of November 2019.

The main objective of the project is to change the face of the children and youths in Kibera. Kibera is a slum Nairobi Kenya. We have children who perform well in class though they do get demoralised because of lack of schools so that they can pursue to their future dreams career in life. This lead them to prostitution, early childbirth and gangs due to the forced circumstances. I came up with the initiative to support the children in sponsoring their secondary and college education, support the young mothers through counselling and empowerment, reform those who had joined gang groups through counselling and bring small initiatives which will keep them busy.
The project have one who graduated in Diploma in Survey and Mapping of which he is mentoring others and encourages them to be serious in their studies.

There in need of schools, uniforms, books and for some the parents can not afford to buy the necessary items like soaps, sanitary towels etc. For the girl child some can not afford to get monthly sanitary towels which forces them to miss school during their menses.

If the project gets well wishers it will change the the image of the community who I believe they’ll also have the courage to support others in the coming years. For the reformed boys if they’ll get motorbikes it will reduce their idleness which lead them to drugs and mugging innocent people. This will also reduce early death among them.